Joy on Our Journey

by Jo Umberger Have you ever noticed that some Christians seem to be joyful most of the time? Are they simply happy with their circumstances? Perhaps they have always made it a habit to smile, which makes them appear to be joyful, even if they are suffering inwardly. Or are they truly aware of God’sContinue reading “Joy on Our Journey”

Can I Be Free From Worry?

by Jo Umberger There was a time in my life when I thought I would scream if one more person said to me, “Just don’t worry about it.” “Just,” I thought. “Apparently you think refraining from worry is a simple proposition!” Honestly I had no idea how to stop worrying. “But what if we don’t have enoughContinue reading “Can I Be Free From Worry?”

You’re not invited.

by Jo Umberger You’ve heard there’s an upcoming announcement about some incredibly good news and that everyone in your community has received an invitation to hear it. You checked your mailbox, email, and social media accounts . . . but there is no invitation. It hits you hard. “There’s some really good news and noContinue reading “You’re not invited.”

3 Things to Make Your Heart Brighter

by Jo Umberger If there were three simple things you could do to ease your mind and heart, grow closer to God, and increase your joy, how fast would you run toward them? Consider how our lives would change if we were to practice this Scripture consistently and daily. “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in allContinue reading “3 Things to Make Your Heart Brighter”

I Ask You for a Miracle, Father

by Beth Fore “Ask and it will begiven to you; seek andyou will find; knock andthe door will be opened toyou.  For everyone who asksreceives; he who seeksfinds; and to him whoknocks, the door willbe opened.” (Matthew 7:7-8 NIV) I Ask You for a Miracle, Father I ask You for a miracle, Father,that You willContinue reading “I Ask You for a Miracle, Father”

Crossing Over to the Other Side

By Beth Fore “One thing I ask ofthe LORD, this is whatI seek:  that I maydwell in the house of theLORD all the days of mylife, to gaze upon thebeauty of the LORDand to seek him inhis temple.” (Psalm 27:4 NIV) Crossing Over to the Other Side Holy Father, as I rest here quietlyin sweetContinue reading Crossing Over to the Other Side

Beyond My Understanding

By Beth Fore “Oh, how I wish that Godwould speak, that he wouldopen his lips against you anddisclose to you the secrets ofwisdom, for true wisdom hastwo sides.  Know this:  God haseven forgotten some of your sin.“Can you fathom the mysteries ofGod?  Can you probe the limits ofthe Almighty?  They are higher thanthe heavens—what canContinue reading Beyond My Understanding

Awaken Within Me

By Beth Fore “My heart is steadfast, O God,my heart is steadfast; I will singand make music.  Awake, my soul!Awake, harp and lyre!  I willawaken the dawn.  I will praiseyou, O Lord, among the nations;I will sing of you among the peoples.For great is your love, reachingto the heavens; your faithfulnessreaches to the skies.  BeContinue reading Awaken Within Me

Behold My Savior and My King

By Beth Fore “Praise be to the Godand Father of ourLord Jesus Christ, whohas blessed us in theheavenly realms withevery spiritual blessingin Christ.” (Ephesians 1:3 NIV) Behold My Savior and King I lift up my voice in adorationand praise to You, God Almighty.You are the giver of all good things,and You open my eyes toContinue reading “Behold My Savior and My King”