In the Garden

by Beth Fore “My soul is overwhelmedwith sorrow to the pointof death,” he said to them.“Stay here and keep watch.”Going a little farther, he fellto the ground and prayedthat if possible the hourmight pass from him.“Abba, Father,” he said,“everything is possiblefor you.  Take this cup fromme.  Yet not what I will,but what you will.” (MarkContinue reading “In the Garden”

Cleanse Me from the Inside Out

by Beth Fore “Woe to you, teachers ofthe law and Pharisees, youhypocrites!  You are likewhitewashed tombs, whichlook beautiful on the outsidebut on the inside are full ofdead men’s bones andeverything unclean.  In thesame way, on the outsideyou appear to people asrighteous but on theinside you are fullof hypocrisy andwickedness.” (Matthew 23:27-28 NIV) Cleanse Me fromContinue reading “Cleanse Me from the Inside Out”


By Beth Fore “But when the kindness and loveof God our Savior appeared, hesaved us, not because of righteousthings we had done, but becauseof his mercy.  He saved us throughthe washing of rebirth and renewal bythe Holy Spirit, whom he poured outon us generously through Jesus Christour Savior, so that, having been justifiedby his grace,Continue reading “Renewal”

A New Heaven and a New Earth

by Beth Fore “Then I saw a new heavenand a new earth, for the firstheaven and the first earth hadpassed away, and there was nolonger any sea.  I saw the HolyCity, the new Jerusalem, comingdown out of heaven from God,prepared as a bride beautifullydressed for her husband.  AndI heard a loud voice from thethrone saying,Continue reading “A New Heaven and a New Earth”

Death is Not the End

by Beth Fore Death is Not the End Death is not the end for Christiansbecause our spirits live eternally.It is a metamorphosis and moltingas our body is shed and our spirit set free. The eternal spirit that lives within usis no longer bound by physical chains.It is vibrant and ageless and timelessand no longer suffersContinue reading “Death is Not the End”