Death is Not the End

by Beth Fore

Death is Not the End

Death is not the end for Christians
because our spirits live eternally.
It is a metamorphosis and molting
as our body is shed and our spirit set free.

The eternal spirit that lives within us
is no longer bound by physical chains.
It is vibrant and ageless and timeless
and no longer suffers or endures pain.

Death is actually a new beginning,
much like a flower returning to seed.
God nurtures the seed and the spirit of man
and makes provision for his every need.

The Christian’s spirit goes to paradise
to enjoy the blessings God will bring.
The spirit of man will offer honor and praise
to Jesus Christ, our Master and King.

There will be no more sadness or sorrow,
only joy and peace for every one.
What a delight to be in His glorious presence
when a faithful life on this earth is done!

So, do not mourn for this mortal flesh
when the shadow of death draws near.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and He will remove every doubt and fear.

Soon your spirit will soar to the heavens,
and you will be with the One you adore.
Your body will return to the earth as dust,
but your spirit will live on forevermore.

written by Beth Fore

*The death of man’s body is not the death of man’s spirit.  The spirit of man is immortal and will live forever, either in heaven with God, or in hell without God, for eternity.

“When the perishable has been clothed with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality, then the saying that is written will come true:  ‘Death has been swallowed up in victory.’”  (1 Corinthians 15:54 NIV)

Many people fear death, especially non-Christians, because they believe that death is the end of life and there is nothing after death.  This lack of hope for something else, something better, comes from a belief that man is flesh and bone and he lives only as long as the body lives. 

The Christian knows that he is made in God’s image, and God is a spirit; therefore, man also has a spirit and that spirit will live on after the body dies.  Death is actually a new beginning for the Christian. The spirit of the Christian goes to paradise, and later to heaven, to enjoy the blessings of God.  There, man will offer honor and praise to Jesus Christ, our King.

In heaven, there will be no more tears or pain, only joy and peace for everyone.  We will worship and honor Almighty God around his throne with the angels and the other saints, and our spirits will live eternally with God in heaven forever.

“But I will show you whom you should fear:  Fear him who, after your body has been killed, has authority to throw you into hell.  Yes, I tell you, fear him.”  (Luke 12:5 NIV)

The non-Christian also has a spirit, and that spirit will be thrown into hades, and later hell, after his body dies.  Unfortunately, many people do not believe in hell and they do not fear life after death because they do not believe there is life after death.  This scripture tells us there is life after the body is dead, so every person’s spirit will live for eternity, either in heaven with God, or in hell apart from God.  It is God’s desire that every created person will choose to believe in Him and choose to spend life with Him in heaven forevermore.


  1. Do you believe that the spirit of man lives after the body of man dies?
  2. How does the belief, or disbelief, in the afterlife, affect the way a person views and lives this life in the flesh?
  3. How does the Bible describe heaven?  What do you think heaven will be like?
  4. How does the Bible describe hell?  What do you think hell will be like?
  5. How does the knowledge that your spirit will live on after your body dies, and you will spend eternity in either heaven or hell, affect the way you view Jesus Christ and your choice and responsibility to choose how you will live the rest of your life in your body?

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