As White As Snow

by Beth Fore

“As I looked, thrones were
set in place, and the
Ancient of Days took
his seat.  His clothing
was as white as snow;
the hair of his head was
white like wool.  His throne
was flaming with fire, and
its wheels were all ablaze.”
(Daniel 7:9 NIV)

“His head and hair were white
like wool, as white as snow,
and his eyes were like
blazing fire.”
(Revelation 1:14 NIV)

As White as Snow

Flakes of snow fall softly from heaven,
covering the earth’s darkness with white.
Each flake is a unique creation from God,
a marvelous sensation to bring us delight.

The snow on one’s head symbolizes wisdom,
and clean white snow represents purity.
Man’s sins, like scarlet, become white as snow
when the blood of Jesus gives him sanctity.

Daniel envisioned the Ancient of Days
whose clothing was as white as snow.
His throne was flaming, raging with fire,
and its wheels were all aglow.

An angel whose appearance was like lightning
and his clothes shone as white as the snow,
appeared to the women at Jesus’s tomb
and told them what they needed to know.

John described Jesus whose hair was white,
and his eyes flamed like the blazing sun.
John fell at His feet as though he were dead
and beheld God’s Son, the forever Living One.

As I gaze outside at the falling snow,
it is a marvelous reminder to me,
that You weave the message of love and hope, God,
in natural and supernatural ways for me to see.

by Beth Fore

*The color white symbolizes goodness, purity, holiness, and cleanliness without blemish. A white dress on a bride symbolizes chastity and purity.  Angels, or Christians, wearing white robes, symbolize purity and godliness.

In both Daniel 7:9 and Revelation 1:14, God (the Ancient of Days) is sitting on his throne; and his clothing is white as snow and his hair is white like wool.  God is perfect, complete, righteous, pure, holy, and without any sin or flaw.  White hair is often associated with age, maturity, and wisdom.  God is the Father of Wisdom and holiness. 

White clothing is beautiful when it is clean and flawless, and most of us like to wear a brand new white dress, blouse, or shirt that has never been worn before.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t take very long for the garment to get a stain or a tear on it.  We wash it and bleach it, but it doesn’t usually ever look the same again.

As Christians, we are like a white garment.  We begin life as a brand new creature robed in white.  We have no stains, flaws, or blemishes; but it isn’t long before we commit a sin, then another sin, and then another one.  Now our bodies (which were once white garments) are no longer pure and flawless.  However, the blood of Jesus, which he shed on the cross for our sins, is far better than a bleach or cleanser.  The blood of Jesus removes every flaw, every blemish, and every sin from our bodies.  The blood of Jesus makes us pure, righteous, and holy. 

Snow is a beautiful metaphor for purity and holiness in nature.  The snow falls from heaven, and it covers the dirt and trash and ugliness on the earth.  The more snow that falls, the more beautiful the landscape becomes.  We no longer see the ugliness below.  All we can see is the purity, the cleanliness, the beautiful glistening crystals sent by God from the heavens to make the earth look clean and new!


  1. Think of some other things in our lives that are considered pure and holy when they are white.  Share them.
  2. Get a piece of white typing paper and think of it as your life.  Now begin writing some of your sins on the paper.  Then look back over the list and thank Jesus for erasing every one of these sins from your life by shedding his blood for you.  Then turn the paper over and see that there are no marks on the paper.  Now, write a prayer of thanksgiving to God for covering all of your sins.
  3. Sometimes, the flaws, tears, and discolorations on our clothes, our furniture, and other objects are reminders of mistakes and sins we have made in the past.  Can these reminders be good for us?  When are these reminders definitively bad for us?
  4. Explain why you do, or do not, think that snow is a good metaphor in nature for purity and holiness.
  5. We can NEVER remove all of the stains and sins from our lives!  Explain why it is absolutely necessary that we understand that it is only through the blood of Christ that we will ever be cleansed and made righteous.

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