The Mirror of My Soul

by Beth Fore

“For we know in part and we
prophesy in part, but when
perfection comes, the imperfect
disappears.    When I was
a child, I talked like a child, I
thought like a child, I reasoned
like a child.  When I became a
man, I put childish ways
behind me.  Now we see but a
poor reflection as in a mirror; then
we shall see face to face.  Now I
know in part; then I shall know
fully, even as I am fully known.”
(1 Corinthians 13:9-12 NIV)

The Mirror of My Soul

Mirror, mirror, of my soul,
reflect deep down inside of me.
Expose my darkness and sinfulness
so that my heart I can truly see.

Remove my mask of deceit,
reveal my weaknesses and flaws.
Unveil my façade of self-righteousness,
examine me in light of Your laws.

I am selfish and self-indulgent
in fleshly delights and pleasures.
Too often my innermost desires
are those that the world treasures.

Lord, make my heart transparent
so that my sins are no longer concealed.
Share with me Satan’s lies and deceit
as the power of darkness is revealed.

Cleanse me from the inside out
with the pure blood of Jesus, Your Son.
Fill my heart with Your Holy Spirit,
and unify us in purpose as One.

Lord, let the mirror of my soul
reveal me as a new creation,
so that light replaces darkness
as I reflect the image of Your Son.

By Beth Fore

*Human beings do not recognize and acknowledge their imperfections until they have someone, Jesus Christ, who is perfect, with whom they can compare themselves.

“For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears.”  (I Corinthians 13:9 NIV)

All people are flawed and sinful because of Adam’s sin and God’s curse on mankind.  However, most people do not see their own sinfulness and brokenness.  When we come to know Christ and understand his perfection, we can compare our imperfect selves with his perfect self and comprehend just how short we all fall from our Savior’s example. 

As Christians, we must be willing to search deep within our hearts, minds, and souls to see our faults and sins.  When we ask the Holy Spirit to convict us and reveal our sins to us, He will take off our masks and makeup and expose what we are really like when we unveil ourselves before God, ourselves, and other people. 

When we look into a clear stream of water and see our reflection, it is distorted and not true to our physical image.  When we look into a mirror and see our reflection, it is also distorted and doesn’t reveal our true appearance.  But, when we see Jesus, face-to-face, He will see us as we really are and He will know us deep within our hearts and souls!

We need to examine our lives daily and question our motives for saying and doing things.  We need to seek out our sins so that we can and will confess them to God.  When we do so, He tells us He will forgive us!  We need to think about our relationships and interactions with other people to see if we have shown them love and acceptance.  When we sin against another person, we need to go to that person and confess our sin and ask for their forgiveness.  This willingness to look at ourselves honestly will please God and it will change our reflections in the mirror to look more and more like Jesus every day!


  1. Though most of us don’t like to admit it, we all have sins and flaws in our lives.  Take some time and think about your sins.  Name one or two of your sins that you have really struggled with in your life.  Confess them to God, and pray that His Holy Spirit will give you the strength you need to overcome them.
  2. Many of us live two lives, our naked life and our clothed life.  We don’t want other people to see our flaws and weaknesses.  Why is it important for us to share our flaws with other people?
  3. Do you spend more time comparing yourself to Jesus Christ, or to other people?  Which comparison will truly help you reflect the image of Jesus?
  4. How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being humble and 10 being proud?  Where would you like to rate yourself on this scale, and what do you need to do to change your rating?
  5. One day we will all stand before God and Jesus, and we will be judged.  There will be no secrets or masks on that day.  All will be revealed.  Are you ready?

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One thought on “The Mirror of My Soul

  1. Thanks again for this touchy post. It is so inspiring. God bless you . The posts are so helpful in our Christian lives.


    On Wed, 25 Aug, 2021, 14:40 Women of Worth Worldwide, wrote:

    > nlbiwoww posted: ” by Beth Fore “For we know in part and weprophesy in > part, but whenperfection comes, the imperfectdisappears. When I wasa > child, I talked like a child, Ithought like a child, I reasonedlike a > child. When I became aman, I put childish waysbehind” >


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